I Would Like an Opinion About my Breast Reconstruction and Implants?

I am 16 years old and recently underwent breast reconstruction for my tubular breasts. Before the surgery they were very asymmetrical and oddly shaped, but I measured in at a 34D. Now I am a 34B, I am thinking about getting 400cc HP saline implants? Is this a good call? Also I am 5'11 and 155 lbs. I trust my surgeon but I'd like to have some more opinions, thank you.

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I Would Like an Opinion About my Breast Reconstruction and Implants?

You present us with a difficult case without pictures. So much of our opinions are based on what we see. If your case is truly considered reconstructive then you do not have to wait until you are 21 because reconstructive patients have no restrictions with respect to implants. I would however think silicone would be a much softer more natural implant. The FDA only approved silicone for patients 22 and older, but again if this is considered reconstructive you may have them, or if your guardian gives approval. There are many pros and cons to saline vs silicone implants and I would encourage you to research them. If you really did have tuberous breasts then staging these operations is a great way to go. Most tuberous breast cases need a lift and then augmentation as well. Severe cases might even require a tissue expander first before implants. Your surgeon would have told you if you were one of those patients.

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Breast augmentation

It is a good call if you just want your breasts to be larger. Given your height, bra size and weight 400cc does not sound excessive. The model chose such as HP should be based on the base diameter of your breasts not just the forward projection of the implant. I am not so sure the 21 year old stipulation applies to saline implants.

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Breast implants

Wait till you are 21.

If the first surgery corrected the tubular breast, and the second proposed breast implant is only for enhancement then you realy do not qualify for breast implant till you are 21.

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