Does is look like my skin graft took? (photos)

I had Mohs surgery for a BCC on the side of my nose exactly three weeks ago today. Immediately after the Mohs, I had a skin graft. I am concerned that maybe the graft didn't take, due to the redness. I have attached a picture as it looks now. Is this appearance normal three weeks after a graft? I believe the size was 5mm. I have kept Polysporin on it per my doctor, and only cover with a bandaid at night and if I go out in public.

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Mohs skin graft

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I think your graft looks as I would expect it to at this point in time. Redness isn't a bad thing, and it seems you are following good postcare. I would expect that you are seeing your surgeon soon for a follow-up? I usually see my Mohs patients about 4-6 weeks later just to confirm that everything looks as it should. If you don't have an appointment scheduled, just call to book one so you can alleviate your concerns and have a proper in-person evaluation.

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