I Like my Rhinoplasty at 3 Weeks - is This a Bad Sign That my Nose Has Been Overdone?

I am a 22 year old Asian patient with thick skin. About 3 weeks ago I had a rhinoplasty which included alar base reduction, tip refinement and projection, and bridge refinement (no projection). Aside from the alars being a little puffy still (I'd still like the bottom width to be a smidge thinner), I am beginning to really like my new nose, and do not want the bridge or tip to refine anymore! I heard swelling takes a year to go down. Is this is a bad sign that my nose has been overdone?

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Nasal Changes After Rhinoplasty

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It is true that with time, the swelling subsides.

Final results are established at about a year and with patients (as yourself) with a thick skin could take a little more.

Nonetheless, some patients do express a little of swelling after their surgery and you could be one of them.


Without physical examination, the before/after photos it is is hard to tell you exactly what your results could look like.


I encourage you to keep your surgeon in the current of your recovery process, stay away from any risky activities that could directly traumatize your nose and let nature takes its course.


Patience is very important at this moment.


Best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Is it possible to determine that your nose has been overdone 3 weeks after surgery?

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It is difficult to predict the final result of your surgery without seeing intra-op photos that display the completion of surgery or knowing more about your procedure.  Depending on the nature of your surgery, it can take up to one year to see the final result.  The amount of time it takes to see the final outcome is influenced by the following:


1) Whether or not tip work was performed during your surgery
2) The thickness of your skin. 
3) Whether or not osteotomies (fracturing of the nasal bones) were performed.

Is is not reasonable to conclude that your procedure was overdone based on the fact that a desirable result is present early in the healing period. Every patient heals different and at a different rate.  Right now, only time will tell, and it would be best to keep an eye on things as your nose heals. I would recommend speaking with your surgeon regarding any concerns you have.  Thanks and good luck!


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We are so happy that you love your new nose after only three weeks!  It is very likely that you will continue to like your nose even more as the future unfolds.........congratulations!

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