I would like my clitoris to be permanently exposed after having Labiaplasty. Is this possible?

I would like my clitoris circumcised so that it projects beyond my labia majora. I have a friend whose clitoris is very much less sensitive than mine but gives her moderate arousal most of the time against normal clothing.She has the appearance of a circumcised male penis in miniature and this appeals to me.

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Unhooding the clitoris

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can always be done but you really need to be absolutely certain this is what you want as you will have constant rubbing against it from your clothing and day to day activities.  Is there a particular reason you are finding this appealing?  And what, beyond the appearance of an expose clitoris, do you anticipate to gain from this?

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Typically, removing a portion of the clitoral hood is done to reduce redundant tissue covering the clitoris and otherwise shielding it from sexual stimulation.  Caution is recommended against removing too much of this tissue as the clitoris is an highly sensitive organ and extreme hypersensitivity 24/7 could be disastrous.  Make sure to seek consultation with a specialist in this area of female genital cosmetic surgery.  Glad to help.    

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