Can I have my implants moved from sub glandular to under the muscle? (photo)

I had 350cc implants subglandular July 2013 but I'm unhappy with the sagging. I'm considering getting them redone with 250cc implants under the muscle and realize I will probably need a lift. I do not want to have vertical scars. Based on the photos would I be a candidate for a benelli lift or the ultimate breast lift?

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Ultimate lift

If Dr. H in Texas can guarantee you a result that you desire, then by all means go for it as it would avoid the vertical scar the rest of us utilize.  Most believe Benelli's are very limited in its use since it FLATTENS projection which most people prefer to have.  And that is why most of us prefer the Vertical Lollipop lift.

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Downsizing BreastImplants

From your photos, it appears that you would be a good candidate for a smaller implant in addition to a lift. A benelli lift with flatten your breasts and make them even wider than they are now. Your breasts already have a tendency to sit toward the side. Your best outcome would likely be in the downsizing of the implants in addition to a lollipop breast lift to both elevate the breast and narrow the width - leading to a more youthful outcome. The "ultimate breast lift" is more of a gimmick procedure. 

You should see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get a formal opinion through and in-person consultation. Best of luck, Vincent Marin, MD

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Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Implant exchange

I do not think your breasts are particularly low as far as the nipple to fold position is. Your breasts are largar and sit a bit low on your chest but certainly within normal limits. A pocket position change will not change that.  A smaller implant may make them sag more.  A circumareola may be OK for jsut a smaller implant but they will be close to the same position but the areola will be a bit higher.  Best to be seen in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast lift options with implants

There are several aspects to your question. First, whether a Benelli would work or not can only be determined with an in-person exam so don't expect useful advice based only on photos. Another issue is whether placing the implants under the muscle will help hold them up - it won't. That is because the muscle does not add support from below, only coverage from above. Third, smaller implants will create more of a mismatch between the skin envelope and the volume of the breast (plus the volume of the implants) so that makes it more likely that a vertical scar would be needed. In general patients are not unhappy with the vertical scar and it can add a lot to improving the shape and projection. A final option to consider is an internal bra, which can also improve shape and projection while holding the implants up. This could be done with Strattice, SERI Scaffold, or Gala FLEX.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Can I have my implants moved from sub glandular to under the muscle? (photo)

In my over the internet opinion - just do full lifting NOT donut mastopexy.. I would NOT exchange implants, but that is your own decision. BTW result acceptable for "mature" appearance... 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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