I Would Like a More Feminine Face, I Thought of Facial Liposuction or Rhinoplasty Cheek Augmentation, But Which One? (photo)

Today I looked in the mirror at the face that has bothered me for so long. I know I have pretty eyes, but that is the only thing I like about my face. I feel as if my face has a masculine, serious,severe quality to it, and that really isn't who I am inside. I would like to look young, sweet, beautiful, exotic i have attached photos, first ones of me now (age 20), then one of me when i was younger (16) and then one which i manipulated, which is CLOSER to my goal please, i would love suggestions!

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More feminine face.

No liposuction or fillers!!!!! Your face will thin as you age and you will need it. Your cheeks are fine as well. If there is something that bothers you specifically about your nose that could be done, otherwise do nothing for a few years. YOU CAN ALWAYS DO SURGERY--but it is often difficult to reverse.

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Feminine Face

Without of pictures for several angles or seeing you in person, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  However, just some quick thought.  Rhinoplasty with help refine your tip and remove any excess dorsal hump.  I would need a side view picture to comment more specifically.  Botox to your masseter muscles with help narrow your lower face.  Cheek fillers will help soften your mid face.  These are just quick though but an in person consultation would be much more informative.


Good Luck.

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