Does this look like it's getting infected underneath the nipple? Should I see my doctor sooner or is the redness normal? (photo)

Hi. I am 10 days post op and I have noticed redness on my scars on my left breast under the nipple today while changing my tapes. I have had a small breast reduction (about 180 g) and lift. It hurts a little and itches, but so does my right breast and it looks fine. It also appears to be leaking a little with a very pale yellowish liquid. I have had some leakage before but it was bright yellow or blood - my doctor indicated that this was normal. Thanks!

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Breast Reduction

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Based on the image and without the advantage of seeing you in person, it appears to be a small area of dehiscence just below the areola at the "T" portion of the incision.  This is not uncommon and usually heals on its own without need for revision.  Keep your board certified plastic surgeon updated.  

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