I would like to get implants. I'm 49 and in good health. My question is - can you have implants without the lift?

I ask this b/c I am highly concerned about the scarring. I do not scar well at all. My scars are dark purple for a long time. Is there a way to prevent this from happening if I require a lift? I understand there will be scarring but the color concerns me. I am currently a large B.

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Can I Have Breast Implants Without Breast Lift?

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Thank you for your important question. It is certainly possible to have breast augmentation with breast implants without having a breast lift. However there are many important factors for you to consider.

The most important thing is that if you are going to have surgery for breast enhancement you want to be happy with the final result and achieve the appearance that you are looking for.

If your breasts are simply smaller than they've been in the past and you want fullness, and your breasts do not sag then breast implants alone may well achieve your desired look.

However if your breasts are sagging, and particularly if your nipple is below the crease beneath your breast you may have a condition called ptosis and a lift plus a breast implant is the best method to give you a full perky young looking breast.

Please consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, who is experienced in breast cosmetic surgery, and has a good local reputation.

In my experience patients who need a breast lift and breast implants are much happier with their final result than patients who need a lift but choose not to have a lift and only have implants.

I understand your worry about scars but in time when the operation is done well the scars fade and the breast looks excellent. Please read my link below for photographs of patients who have had lift plus breast augmentation

Breast implants without a lift

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Many women will get a great result by having an augmentation without a lift. Unfortunately, determining who needs a lift is best determined in person as opposed to on line. Best to have an in person consultation. Best of luck.

Breast lift and implants

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Sometimes implants can be placed without requiring a lift, but in others this is not possible. An exam in person is key, but scar management can be reviewed in the office as well.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implants without a lift

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Hello and thank you for your question.

The short answer to your question is: of course you can have implants without a lift! But it's impossible to say if that would be the right procedure for you without seeing you in consultation. As for scars being dark purple, usually that fades over a year or so. If it does not, I offer my patients Pulse dye laser therapy which can help lighten the scars.

Best of luck to you

Implants without a lift

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You may be required to have a lift and the deciding factors for requiring a lift are dependent on where you current nipple lies in relation to your chest wall. Most of the time a lift is not required and you will get good result with implants alone.

If you do require a breast lift there a minimal scar techniques and there is a fair a mount of post operative things that can be done to minimise scars and keep them to a minimum in terms of redness and pigmentation.

I think you should see a certified plastic surgeon and have thorough examination and discuss your options.


Stephen Salerno

Stephen Salerno, MBBS, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

I would like to get implants. I'm 49 and in good health. My question is - can you have implants without the lift?

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Thank you for your question!  It is hard to tell whether or not you will need a lift without a physical examination! I would seek a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your options with him or her and have a sizing.  Best of luck!Dr Dhaval PatelDouble Board Certified Plastic SurgeonChicago Hoffman EstatesOak Brook

Dhaval M. Patel, MD
Hoffman Estates Plastic Surgeon
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Can I have a breast augmentation without a lift

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Yes, it is possible to have a breast augmentation without a lift. During your consultation with your surgeon, you will discuss your concerns and upon exam, go over your best options. Your surgeon will give you suggestions and from there it's really your decision. There are many scar treatments to help minimize the scar, but yes, there is a scar. Most patients can overlook the scar because the improvement they receive from the lift portion is so great. Definitely give it some thought and look at many before and after photos and make sure you are comfortable with your decision. ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

I would like to get implants. I'm 49 and in good health. My question is - can you have implants without the lift?

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You can have implants without a lift, but the necessity of a lift will have to be assessed with an exam.

Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA


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Without pics, it is impossible to advise you. You should see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area. It is always possible to put in implants without a lift, but the results could be terrible. Seeing a picture of your breasts will help us advise you whether a lift would be beneficial.


Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Avoid ugly vertical scars

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You have not provided any photographs or told us your bra size and you are concerned about the scars. Most women refuse lifts because of the ugly vertical scars of the lollipop or boat anchor shaped incisions. To minimize scars a new technique was developed, which allows breast augmentation and simultaneous lift using a circumareola incision. The breast tissue is reshaped creating upper pole fullness, elevated higher on the chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage. Through the same incision, implants can be placed. Aligning the areola, breast tissue and implant over the bony prominence of the chest wall maximizes anterior projection with a minimal size implant. Small silicone gel implants placed retro-pectoral look and feel more natural, are more stable, less likely to ripple or have complications needing revision. If you are a 32 or 34 each 100 cc’s of implant corresponds to 1 cup size change. If you are a 36 or 38 each 200 cc’s of implant corresponds to 1 cup size change. From this, you can compute the amount of volume required to achieve your desired goal. Best Wishes, Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 230 reviews

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