I Would Like to Enquire About Buccal Fat Removal Procedure? (photo)

I am 31 year male and have chubby cheeks. I have an average weight as per my height, but still have chubby cheeks. I would like to enquire about Buccal fat removal procedure. as to it will be appropriate in my case and how much time does it take to recover and what is the recovery time. Moreover what could be the possible side effects of procedure on a long run. If required I can send in my picture for further consultation.

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Buccal fat removal

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Buccal fat excision involves a small incision on the inside of the cheeks and removal of a portion of the buccal fat pad. It takes about a week to recover which is related to swelling after the procedure. 

In the right patient buccal fat removal can slim the lower third of the face, but it also depends on how much fat is under the skin (which cannot be removed easily) and the shape of the facial bones. 

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