I Would Like to Combine Procedues That Leave No Visible Scars Done by 2 Different Doctors & Don't Know How to Go About This?

Dr.E.Yuksel in Houston Texas does a No Scar Upper Lip Suspension Technique (Intranasal Incisision & Suspension Suture that elevates upper lip & anchors it to the Anterior Nasal Spine inside nose no visible scars) Dr.R.Haworth in Beverly Hills Californa 2 procedures A) Inner one (Depress or Anguli Oris -DAO release (incision inside cheek no visible scar) B) Lower Lip Lift incorporating V-Y plastie & minor muscle tightening & re-arrangement of tissue inside lower lip all incisions inside mouth.

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Combining intramural procedures

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You should present this request along with photos to the 2 doctors you mentioned in your letter. 

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