Id like to have a calf augmentation using fat but id like fuller ankles as that possible as well?

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Fat Transfer To the Legs

Transferring your own fat to a new location on your body is called by many different names including fat grafting, lipo transfer, lipostructure, (autologous fat transfer) AFT, etc. It is used to in the legs most often to repair injuies to the fat layer or uneven results with liposuction.  I do not think it is very likely to succeed in either ankles or calves for cosmetic enlargement.  The ankle would not provide a very good blood supply for the graft to be able to survive. The calf would require too much fat to make a reliable and noticeable change in size.  Motion in both of these locations might make the grafted fat unstable so that it would be displaced.  It would be nice if it worked, but I do not think the state of the art has advanced that much. 

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