Would Like Almond Shaped Eyes, Are there Any Procedure Options for Me? (photo)

Hello. My eyes are slanted and I would like more almond shaped eyes. Are there any procedures that can help me achieve this with natural looking results?

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Would Like Almond Shaped Eyes, Are there Any Procedure Options for Me?

There are three possibilities or options. The first is that of an aggressive lateral forehead lift that will pull upward on the outer part of the eyelid skin. The second is something called a canthopexy where sutures are placed into the cartilage and muscle of the lower lid to pull upward, but that can make your eye look smaller. The third is a canthoplasty where the tendon of the outer part of your eyelid is cut and then reattached in a higher position.

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Becareful what you look for.

Dear Ebonyprincess

There is no substitute for an in person consultation.  This permits a very detailed examination of your facial structure to understand what you are looking for.  The question is what is the bases for what you are understanding for your eyes?  What precisely do you see?  How does this differ from what you are looking for.  Without absolute clarity about these issues, your doctor may misunderstand precisely what you are trying to achieve.  It is not enough to assume that your doctor understands your concerns.  By having a very clear understanding of what it going on, what you see, and what you would like to see, misunderstanding and the risk of disappointing results is minimized.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Can I get almond shaped eyes (photo) ?

Difficult to tell from the low res photo taken at a distance, but I'm in general agreement with other responders.  Eyelids can be adjusted for a specific look, but very delicate procedure.  Really should see a good plastic surgeon (or several) for opinions in person.

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You look beautiful,do not touch your eyes

You have beautiful eyes and will not be happy with surgery. You may send better picture with closeup ,but I would recommend no surgery based on the submitted picture.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Lateral canthal repositioning is possible but...

Changing the lateral  canthal angle [the outer corner of the eyelids] will often lead to an unnatural "done" look that to most people is not pleasing.

Some patients however, still insist on this look and are pleased with it. It can be done, and you need to find an experienced surgeon that would be willing to do this surgery for you.

Best of luck.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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