LightSheer Duet or Yag for Light Skinned South Asian With Dark Coarse Hair? (photo)

I am from Pakistan, with lighter skin than most South Asians with dark coarse hair - my skin also pigments dark brown with ingrown hair. I have done alot of research but am so confused between using lightsheer duet or a yag machine. The Clinic using Yag are offering 6 sessions and 6 touchups, whereas the clinic using lightsheer duet are offering upto 18 sessions. Which would be more effective for my skin type - I am told i am skin type III to IV. Need to make a decision in 2 days. HELP!

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Yag is better

Yag should be better bu more painful. you could also try alex laser eg. Candela's Gentle lase or a combi laser gentlemax. The most important thing. in my opinion, is that for permanent hair reduction you will need several session, no one can guarantee how many sessions one may require. Usually you can get improvement in six sessions about 4-5 weeks apart. The number of sessions could be much more dependinhg on the area to be treated.

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