Could Lightly Picking Nose at 2months Post Rhinoplasty Damage Results?

I'm now 4months post op and since 2months post op I have been cleaning my nose with my finger.. I know I shouldn't but its very uncomfortable when its full of stuff and makes it harder to breathe, boogies tend to cling onto the scar tissue lumps inside.. I do this maybe every other day.. I don't see any changes but I feel very guilty and I'm worried I could have done something?

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Could lightly picking the nose at 2 months post-op damage results?

It is not likely this will change the appearance of your final result. I would recommend speaking with your surgeon and see what they advise as a remedy for your issue, as there are treatments that may help. Thank you and best of luck.

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Could Lightly Picking Nose at 2months Post Rhinoplasty Damage Results?

Many thanks for the very unusual action and the question.I don't think at 2 months post operative any kind of packing can make any harm or any good.Wish you good luck.

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