Can I Lighten the Chicken Pox Marks with IPL?

I had chicken pox when i was 16, now i am 36yrs old. They are not Indentations. They just look like large dark spots. CAn they be relieved or lightened by IPL?

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IPL to treat brown spots..

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Yes, I would recommend a combination of several IPL treatments and topical skin brightening products to help aid in the lightening and brightening of the  spots.  Make sure you are consistant with the use of sunscreens!!! 

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Dr. Grant Stevens        Marina Plastic Surgery Associates          Marina del Rey, CA         The Institute

IPL treats pigment problems

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IPL treats pigment problems and discolorations, so yes, marks from chicken pox can be lightened with the treatments. You could also use a compounded prescription called hydroquinone to help if the spots are extremely dark.

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