I have new red stretch marks. What Will Lighten New Red Stretch Marks Better Mederma or Bio Oil?

I have new red sretch marks and I wanted to know which cream would work better out of the two. I know that they wont go away permentely but I just wanted your opinion on what do you think will work better?

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Pulsed dye (V-Beam) laser best for new red stretch marks

Your best bet for treating new red stretch marks is treatment with a pulsed dye laser such as the V-Beam.  In my experience, this treatment provides the best improvement.

There is very little good scientific data to suggest that creams work.  As far as creams go, there is some evidence that creams containing retinoids may help.  Retinol is a retinoid available without a prescription.  Tretinoin cream is more powerful and requires a prescription.

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