Can Light Touching and Massaging Hurt the Nose After Rhinoplasty

I am about 8 weeks post op from an open rhinoplasty. For the last few weeks, i have found myself subconsciously touching and gently rubbing my nose just to feel if it is all symmetrical. Never have i felt any pain when doing this, but i am worried if i am causing disruption in the healing process. Could light touching/ massaging shift any structures or cause the skin to not settle properly this long after my surgery?

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Massage & Rhinoplasty

Massage in rhinoplasty is actually quite good to do. I encourage my patients to do that beginning in 10-14 days as it will actually help with normal wound maturation.

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Touching and massaging the nose after rhinoplasty

Light touching of the nose will not affect your surgical result. Massaging the nose is not a good idea while in the healing process as you may cause excess swelling. Speak with your surgeon and have he/she advise you if they want you to do any type of nasal exercise, otherwise obstaine. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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