I Am a Light Skinned Black Woman, Will Glycolic Acid Speed up Lightening and Evening my Complexion?

I am a light skinned black woman. I would like to achieve a lighter, and even complexion. Hence I am considering adding glycolic acid to skin lightening creams that already contain other lightening agents (not hydroquinone). Do you think this will speed up the lightening process?

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Glycolic acid for skin brightening in African Americans

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Glycolic acid is an excellent addition to a skin brightening routine.  The exfoliating effects help to disperse excess pigment in the skin.  Glycolic acid does not lighten one's normal complexion, however.  It just helps remove excess staining. It can be irritating, which can result in skin darkening, so if you are using strong products be sure to ge the advice of a professional.

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Glycolic acid will help lighten the skin.

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While it is true that glycolic acid will definitely improve the complexion and tone, please avoid doing home peels - these are best done by your doctor. A cream containing 6 or 12% glycolic acid can be added to your home care regimen, and gives good results.

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