Light Facial Paralysis? (Childhood Accident) (Photos)

I didn't have any symmetry problems before when i was younger. I had many childhood accidents: i have an injury at the back of my head, a second one at the right side of my right eye (if you are facing me) and a third one an injury on my left eyebrow (the suspected, i had all those accidents when was a kid. I have been once to an ophthalmologist, and the first thing he said to me 'do you have a cranial fracture??' Well now i think he might be wright... THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

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Facial Paralysis From Trauma?

It is possible that you have sustained injury to the nerve from your injury but it is difficult to say based on the limited photos here.  Appropriate preoperative testing and evaluation is needed to determine how best to help your situation.  Based on the limited photos here, it appears that you could have more symmetry with an enhanced result.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can help you.

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Facial weakness

It is possible to have posttraumatic facial paresis, which means a weakened nerve. Generally these occur immediately after the trauma up to a few days after when the swelling increases. A photograph at rest and another elevating your eyebrows and smiling would provide a lot of information to give some treatment options. Best wishes.

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