Are there Any Options for Lifting Temples and Hairline? (photo)

hi i've attached two photos of my upper face, the second one is how i look when i pull back my hair backwords and upwards, it gives my upper face, my eyes and my eyebrows a different look, i'd like to know if it's possible to achieve that look by surgery, not just a regular browlift because i'd like to also pull back the hairline and make th whole upper face wider. please tell me if that's possible. thank you.

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An endoscopic forehead lift is a great option for this.

As you live in Tel Aviv you might consider seeing my colleague Morris Hartstein, M.D. at the Herzliya Medical Center.

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Lateral temporal lift will not create the look you want.

Lateral temporal lift will not create the look you want. This will pull your hairline back and masculinize your face as well as making you look evil by only raising the lateral brow. The Irregular Trichophytic Forehead Lift can lower your hairline and raise your brows. 

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The 'lateral hood lift' Lifting the temporal area for younger brighter appearing eyes

The answer is yes, but of you look carefully at what you are doing when you pull your hair back, you will see that you are elevating your medial or central brow.  This is not an aesthetic plus for you.  What you actually need is called a 'lateral hood lift.'. This achieves elevation of the lateral brow(at the sides), cleaning up of the area next to the eye, improved shaping of the brow and a relatively unchanged medial brow.  With these changes you will get the elevated hairline appearance that you are after without doing a more extensive surgery to change the hairline.  I hope this helps!



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