Lifting heavy weights after otoplasty?

Please tell me in human terms why cant I lift heavy weights after otoplasty surgery? Will it mess up the results or look of my ear? Or is it dangerous because of the local or general antheshia? Please tell me the absolute reasons for these restrictions.

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Lifting heavy weights after otoplasty

Hello Will12lo,
The answer from Stephen Weber, MD, is only applicable if you had an otoplasty with a traditional method. With this method, big wounds are made, thus injurying many blood vessels which could possibly open and bleed when heavy weights are lifted. If, on the other hand, you were operated on with the new minimally invasive stitch method, the above would not happen with the lifting of heavy weights, as the wounds occurring with this method are only tiny needle stitch-points.

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Lifting heavy weights after otoplasty?

You'll raise your blood pressure and bleed. At best, this will be a nuisance. At worst, you will form a hematoma which can become infected and ruin your ear cartilage. Please follow your plastic surgeon's advice.

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