Post Tummy Tuck: Lifted Niece Two Days Ago and Now Feel Pain

Iyar a tummy tuck/MR and lipo of the flanks 3 weeks ago, I lifted my 40+ pound niece out of tub 2-3 days ago and have had stomach pangs or pains/aches a number of times throughout the day. They are dull pains but frequent. Could I have damaged something?

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Tummy tuck and neice lifting

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 You probably pulled the muscle tightening area but it is unlikely that you did any permanent damage.   Most patients do have a time or two in which they do too much but rarely do they hurt the result.

Abdominal Pain Three Weeks After A Tummy Tuck

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Abdominal pain, sharp at first, then aching after that is very common at this stage of recovery from an abdominalplasty.  If it wasn't lifting your niece, it would have been some other kind of movement.  The problem is that you are feeling much better and you are wanting to do those things people who have not had surgery would do.  The good news is that I am 99.9% sure you didn't hurt your muscle repair, but your muscle repair hurt you.  There are little scar bands taking over the job of the sutures your plastic surgeon put in your muscle repair.  Your lifting tore or strained one of these. 

It is very common, it probably doesn't mean anything, and the treatment of choice is to lay down, put some ice on the area, take some Advil and call your plastic surgeon.  This will probably happen again before the healing process is complete, but you will understand it better the next time it happens.  Please don't worry, but please call your plastic surgeon.

Pain from lifting after tummy tuck

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The issue you describe is so common it is amazing. I have been doing this surgery for twenty years and every other patient says the same thing at some point in the recovery period. The sutures are settling and the odds of a major disruption are minuscule, though not impossible. Wait and talk to your're going to be OK.

Ayman Hakki, MD
Waldorf Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck Damage?

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I'm sorry to hear about your mishap after tummy tuck surgery.

It would take a lot of force/trauma to do any real “damage”.  The only real peace of mind you will achieve is after you are  examined by your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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