Lifted Eyelid After Botox?

I had botox done to erase crowfeet 6 days ago however i felt a numbness on my right side that night and when I woke up the following morning my right eyelid was lifted and the left remained normal as usual. yesterday i went back and my doc. injected a bit more on the left side but today the right still seems raised more than the left. I am really upset as I never experienced that before and i have been doing botox for 5 years.can this be fixed and will this eventually wear out or is it a permane

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Botox should not cause permanent asymmetry as a complication

The botox effect will wear off in several months or less. It should l not be permanent. It may take a few more days for the left eyelid to lift up as it takes a few days for the Botox to affect the muscles usually and it's more unusual for the right side to have been affected so quickly.

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Botox effect will wear off

It is possible that the Botox placed on your right side may relax the muscles that lower your eyebrows. The orbicularis oculi muscles. This can cause a compensatory elevation of your eyebrow. The effect will wear off and the brow will return to normal.

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
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