Do I Need a Lift? I'm 50 y/o and Don't Want To Look Like I'm 20, but Want Them Larger? (photo)

I am finally able to have the breast augmentation I've always dreamed of. I've seen 2 very well respected board certified surgeons. Both agree that silicon implants placed over the muscle is the best way to go for me. One wants to do a lift, the other wants to use a larger implant and feels it will lift my breasts enough to get the results I want. I'm 50 years old and I am not interested in trying to look 20 again. I want them larger but somewhat natural looking given my age.

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Do I need a lift or just implants?

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Great question, as proof from the answers here on the site this is a very personal and even controversial topic. Implants above the muscle without a lift is not a bad answer if that is your goal, increased size with minimal scarring and a VERY natural result. If you decide to do a lift, you can always do it later. If you decide to do a lift with implants from the outset, I would encourage you to explore a below the muscle placement, I find the implant is better supported and you end up with better upper pole fullness. There is no right answer, It is a matter of personal taste and trusting your surgeon, good luck!

Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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The goals of lift surgery

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Your photographs show that you definitely need a lift.  The nipples are pointing downward and have stretched out your skin.  If you have implants placed pre-pectoral (placed over the muscle) the added weight will cause additional descent, stretching and you will be dissatisfied.  I recommend you undergo silicone gel implants placed retro-pectoral through a circumareola incision.  Through the incisions, you can lift the breast tissue and the nipples.  The goal is to lift all 3 in the same horizontal plane to increase projection.  The lift results is a more youthful, athletic and thinner appearance.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Lift and/or implants

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Implants do not lift the breasts significantly. Sometimes just a circumareola lift is enough to make the breasts look better, but an exam in person would be key.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation With or Without A Lift?

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Given the degree of breast sagging that you have now, I think you are going to be disappointed (unhappy) with breast implants alone. Implants have very little influence on significant relocation of the nipple upward and trying to compensate for your amount of breast sagging with large implants can leave you looking like you have big 'udders'....bigger breasts for sure but not a breast appearance that is associated with a more youthful chest look. You can also have the breast implants first to prove one way or the other about the breast lift. But you should only undergo that approach with the realization that there is a high risk that a lift may be desired later.

Lift or nor no lift?

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Judging from your history as well as the photos it appears that you probably should undergo a breast lift with your augmentation. I, usually, combine the procedure in one sitting. Tyring to just use large implants to get indirect lifting would most likely result im a poor result. But the ultimate decision is lawys made at the time of examination, which should be done by a Board Certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!

Implants or Implants with breast lift?

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Your photos alone indicate that breast shape would probably be improved best by a combination of an implant and a lifting procedure. However, the descent of the breast may be within a range that allows for an implant alone, assuming you are all right with a lower set breast. Even then, you might decide at a later date to have a lift done if you ultimately find that you are bothered by the breast shape despite the augmentation. It's a judgement call that you and your surgeon can make - understanding the pros and cons of each approach. Best of Luck Dr Harrell

Lift, Implants, or both

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You would be a good candidate for placing implants first and then waiting 3-6 months to see how you like it and then decide if you need a lift. There is a significant difference in the scarring so you may save yourself substantial scarring (and money)

John P. Stratis, MD
Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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Lift or No lift

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Your nipple position is fairly low on the breast and augmentation without a lift may make your nipple position look lower.  I do find that it is sometimes difficult to make this call until the implants are placed because of differences in anatomy and tissue stretching in different women.  One option would be to go ahead and do the augmentation then wait 3 to 4 months to allow the tissue to stretch/settle.  At that point if you are unhappy with your nipple position, it can easily be lifted.

Lift or No Lift

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If you put a pencil under your breast at the inframammary fold (lower crease) and your nipple is below the level of the pencil, you most probably would benefit from some sort of lift along with your augmentation.  Otherwise, you will be left with the "Snoopy" look:  lax and loose breast gland hanging down from the curvature of the implant.


It may be that you only need to lift the nipple/areola (peri-areolar lift), or possibly a vertical lift to map them look natural.  A natural look for ANY age is NOT having the nipples below the breast crease.

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
Oak Brook Plastic Surgeon

Do I Need a Lift? I'm 50 y/o and Don't Want To Look Like I'm 20, but Want Them Larger?

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Thanks for the posted photos. I would recommend a donut lift with a 500 cc mod profile plus above muscle lifting. This is based upon the written request you made of looking bigger not lifted. 

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