I Have Decided To Go Forward With Lift w/ Implants, How Much Time Will This Add to Recovery?

I just want to say thank you to all who have responded to my first post. I was just in shock to hear that my breasts were that bad. until I took the pictures My partner and I were unaware just how asymetrical my breasts actually are. I have decided that I am going to go ahead with the lift, I just hope that I can achieve my look without a vertical scar. (I'm hoping he will be able to just lift around the areola?) how much longer will the lift add to my recovery. A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all that took time to help.

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Time of periareolar mastopexy

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This should maybe add 1-1.5 hours to your breast augmentation, or less, depending on what your plastic surgeon needs to do. Please talk to your surgeon to get the most accurate answer, to assess duration of operation as well as which procedure would be best for your breast lift (i.e. if vertical scar necessary)

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Breast Augmentation/Lifting and Recovery?

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Thank you for the question.

The majority of the “recovery time” associated with breast augmentation/lifting surgery is associated with the breast augmentation portion of the procedure.  This has to do with the discomfort associated with dissection of the breast implant pocket. These superficial breast lifting portion of the procedure does not  necessarily add  to the recovery time and/or return to work time.

Of course, there may be increased risks associated with the combination surgery compared to either one of the procedures done separately. Additional potential problems  may exist because of the additional incision lines that are necessary with breast lifting operations.

I hope this helps.

Will breast lift add to the recovery after breast augmentation?

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Typically the main discomfort following an augmentation and lift is due to the placement of the implants, particularly if placed under the pectoralis muscle.  The lift, consisting of just essentially skin incisions, does not add much discomfort nor probably anything to the recovery period.  I restrict my lift patients from going without their bra, bouncing, or lying on their breasts for 6 weeks after surgery until the incisions are well healed.  I do pretty much the same for my implant only patients.

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Recovery from breast lift and implants

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In general, patients having breast implants and lift (mastopexy) have a fairly quick recovery.  Breast surgery usually only needs a few days of recovery before returning to work.  While you will not feel 100%, you should be able to return to most non-athletic activity.  Adding on a lift to an implant surgery will not add to the recovery.


Good Luck.

Does a Lift add Time to An Augment Recovery

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The breast augmentation causes most of the discomfort in the post op period. I doubt the lift will add any time at all.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Lift and implants

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Recovery from a lift with implants should be about the same as the implants alone.  You may not even experience any more discomfort than an augmentation alone.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast lift will not significantly alter recovery relative to implants alone

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Hi there-

the breast lift will not add one bit of pain or time to your recovery. Best wishes


Recovery for Lift with Implants

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The additional periareolar lift with the implants will not increase your recovery. You will a little more of a scar but the actual recovery will be primarily based on the augmentation. check with your surgeon for details. good luck.

Lift with implants--recovery is virtually identical to implants alone!

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Breast augmentation alone requires creation of a pocket for the implant in each breast, and this requires an external incision and dissection either above or below the pectoralis muscle. Recovery is whatever your surgeon has told you in terms of restrictions and limitations of strenuous activities. Adding a breast lift only adds more incisions and operating room time, but really doesn't change recovery guidelines to any extent at all. (Breast lift patients are much more susceptible to the ill effects of smoking, nicotine in any form, and even second-hand smoke, as circulation to the breast skin is even more of a concern in breast lift patients). Especially with a periareolar or even vertical (lollipop) lift, there are only a few more incisions which heal just as readily as the smaller implant-only incisions. So here is what you can potentially expect (but ask YOUR surgeon's individual advice and recommendations):

Virtually every patient can resume normal everyday activities within 24 hours after surgery, including showering, doing one’s hair or applying cosmetics, dressing, eating normal meals, and moving about the house. You should avoid stretching or repetitive activities that might raise your pulse or blood pressure, which can increase the risk of bleeding and re-operation. Superior anesthesia protocols, as well as careful, minimal-trauma surgery may allow most patients to feel well enough to go out for pizza on the way home from surgery, or to go dancing the next day. But really, this makes no sense, since every patient having an operation must heal tissues and seal blood vessels. The less strenuous activity you engage in, the less likelihood of bleeding, bruising, discomfort, capsular contracture, or re-operation. Taking things easy, even if you feel great, is an investment in your final cosmetic result!

You should avoid exercising, lifting, or strenuous activity for a full two weeks following surgery, to limit the possibility of bleeding. If you have bleeding, re-operation is necessary to remove the blood, cauterize or suture the source, and re-close the incision. Most patients prefer to reduce activities rather than risk re-operation and the higher rate of capsular contracture that may result if this occurs. This generally means no exercise or other strenuous activity for the first two weeks. Jogging, horseback riding, weightlifting (bench press, military press, curls, etc.), yoga, or any activities that bounce the breasts or stretch the chest muscles should be avoided for a full month. I'd avoid kickboxing, tackle football, and trapeze sex for a bit longer!

As long as your scars are pink, you should also avoid ultraviolet exposure (6-12 months for most), including tanning beds, to prevent your scars from turning permanently brown.

Rest easily--adding the lift your breasts require to your implant surgery adds a bit of operating time, additional cost, and a few more scars, but no real change to your recovery! Good luck and best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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