Lift Sagging Outer Brows: Botox, Laser, Brow Lift, Sculptra or Fat? (photo)

I'm 44, male. I'd travel if doctor is good (before/after pics are a must). 1) Instead of Botox, which laser plumps/tightens the eye area? Cost? 2) Would a brow or eye lift look natural (not perma-surprised or carved out)? Cost? 3) I had Sculptra at temples/cheeks 3 yrs ago. 2 sessions plumped areas 2mm, enough to fix sagging for 2 yrs. Any docs who could do the same with fat w/o weeks of being swollen/distorted or looking overfilled? I'd like to fill in the ski jump nose too. Cost? 4) Or?

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Sagging Outer Brows

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In looking at your pictures your brow does not appear to be sagging (ptotic).  It looks good in a male to have a little sag of the lateral brow, which conveys a concerned appearance. Too high of an elevation of the lateral brow will give you a demonic look.  No laser will plump out the eye area.  Any number of ablative lasers can tighten the eye area.  The best option for filling out the nose would be augmentation with a diced cartilage graft (either from your ears or nasal septum).

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Ski jump nose and temple depression.

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The ski jump can be filled in with your own cartilage by an experienced revision rhinoplasty specialist. The hollows in your temples can be filled permanently with tissue from you which will last forever and has minimal swelling and downtime.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Brow Lift and Rhinoplasty in Young Male

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    Your brow position should not be elevated.  The cheeks can be filled with fat and the ski jump can be filled with fat as well or cartilage graft.  Both of these things can be done for less than 10,000 dollars.  You will likely look presentable in one week.  Please find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials to perform the surgery.

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