I Don't Want a Lift, Will an Implant Alone Be Beneficial?

I am 5'7", 125 lbs, and a 34B (measured at ps consult). I have had 2 consults, with 2 different suggestions. I am not interested in a lift so I would like to know if it will benefit me to haves implants alone. I do have sagging due to breastfeeding. One surgeon recommended a lift now with implants in 6 months to a year, while another suggested 375-400cc implants only. I am afraid that implants of this size will make me larger than I want to be. I would not like to be bigger than a D.

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Breast Implants Alone Without Breast Lift Will Give You a Nice Result

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Thank you for your question.

Your Breasts look excellent and most importantly your Nipple Areola position is normal.

From these photos a lift is unnecessary and actually would not only create unnecessary scars but also could make the Nipple Areola look too high.

300-350cc size range should be adequate for a normal and appropriate look.


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I agree with the other docs, the only thing I would bring up is pseudoptosis, a large amount of your native tissue is sitting under your nipple which may give a slightly unnatural look when augmented.

Will the breast implant alone be beneficial if don't want a breast lift.

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Your picture shows a typical deflation that happens after pregnancy. A breast implant can restore that lost volume. The implant will make your breast look bigger but you couldn't expect a significant lifting to occur. The implant size depends on your chest and breast measurements and your choice of breast size. In your case a silicone or saline implant will be equally effective as you seem to have adequate breast tissue to cover the implant.

Implants alone will suffice

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I agree with my colleagues that augmentation alone would be appropriate to increase volume, restore projection of the upper poles of the breasts and provide a natural shape. The decision as to implant size is flexible but I would recommend 300-325 ccs.

Mother of Three for Breast Implants

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It appears from your photos that your nipples are above the level of your breast fold but you do have what is termed pseudo ptosis with fullness and falling of the lower pole of your breasts. I would not recommend a breast lift at this time with the understanding that this may be indicated in the future. Gel implants would be the best choice and the size that you mention would be appropriate for your expectations.

Richard Linderman, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Augmentation Without Lift

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From your photos it appears as if you could obtain a nice result with an augmentation alone.  Since you would like to avoid a lift, you should have the augmentation alone.  You can always undergo a lift later if you desire.  I cannot be certain with a sizing exam, but I doubt that you would be larger than a D cup with 375cc implants.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Implants alone versus Lift with implants depends on the look you desire

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whether or not you need a lift with your breat implant placement depends on how much upper pole fullness you desire after the augmentation.  If you desire a fair amount of cleavage, you may need a lift, or your nipple-areolar complex will not be centered.  On the other hand, if you like a more natural result, a dual plane approach or even a subglandular implant may be a better choice, allowing you to avoid the lift.

Why not do both

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Combining a small breast lift with implant insertion would provide you with your best outcome.  Implants alone, of a size that you find comfortable, are a reasonable second choice. There would be a small amount of sagging that would persist with implants alone, but  I'm not sure you would notice it.  You can always have a lift in the future if you decide you need one.   I would not advise that you start off with a breast lift alone.

Raymond A. Capone, Jr., MD
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon
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To lift or not to lift

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A breast augmentation with a dual plane technique will likely give you enough of a lift effect.  If you have excess loose skin, then you may benefit from a periareolar mastopexy (where the scar is hidden around your areolar border).   If you are not keen on a lift at this time, then I would suggest you go for a breast augmentation first.  If you do experience residual sagging, you can always opt for a conservative lift later (if needed). A breast augmentation alone could meet your expectations. Of course, a formal physical examination is needed to make any formal recommendations.  Best of luck.

Are implants enough?

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I see a lot of moms in my office with your type of breasts.  The anatomic considerations are: 1.  The nipples are at or very slightly above the inframammary folds. 2. You have more breast tissue below the areolas creating what's called pseudoptosis.  It's not considered "real" ptosis because the nipples are still in the correct position.  3. There is significant loss of upper pole (upper breast) fullness.  4.  Your left breast is very slightly larger than the right with a larger areolar diameter.

Here are the choices I would tell my patient: 1. If you want the "home run" result then I would suggest moderate sized, low-profile implants followed by a small periareolar (scar around the areola only) lift.  The low-profile implant will add fullness to the upper pole or upper area of the breast with less projection. Which my impression is that you don't want. You do not need a lollipop type lift.  When adding implants this becomes totally unnecessary.  The periareolar lift will remove the excess skin below the areola that is giving you the sagging look.  2. Implants alone, again moderate sized and low-profile will give you a very nice result. I would use slightly larger (25-50cc) then if combined with the lift.  At your height and weight (without knowing shoulder and hip width and buttock size) 375-425cc would probably be just fine.

The implants and lift can be done at the same time. However, you could go with the implants and if you aren't happy then go back later for the small lift.

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