Lift Didn't Work Without Implant. I Am Left With Scars and Uneven Nipples. What Can I Do?

Breast lift w/o implant on Dr rec. Big scars now suture rxn after sx . Nipple very uneven now. Breast lifted in Aug, need push up bra again. Paid $4500 1st sx, already under for nasal fx. Nonunion of nose sx to repair and want breast fixed. Mammary tissue to be sutured and not just skin + implant for$5K (total $9.5K). Does that amount seem reasonable? Do plastic surgeons not usually correct work?

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Breast Lift and Scars- No Breast Implants, Poor Nipple Result

You have brought up many legitimate concerns. 

  • Breast Lift results. Some woman can be unhappy wiyh the shape and fullness after surgery. I discuss this in detail before surgery. Breast lift surgery doesn't give results like breast augmentation. Often there is a flatness up in the top of a breast after a lift. Breast implants give a fuller shape. Breast implants might be a solutuion to your problem.
  • Poor scars after breast lift. This is a breast lift risk. Fortunately, revision can improve scars and reshape the nipples, This is often relatively easy.
  • More expenses after plastic surgery. This is a tricky issue! It is dependent on the doctor, patient, and the situation. If a patient has reasonable concerns as you seem to have, then further surgery is usually decreased or done at a major reduction in price. It, however, is not usually free. Complicatione occur and all further surgery is not free. This is a problem sometimes after cosmetic surgery. There is no set answer.

I recommend a second opinion. Talk to another doctor. Then talk again to your first doctor. Discuss money as well. If you both are reasonable, then a good compromise might happen.

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Breasts Lifting “Didn't Work”?

Thank you for the question.

Without direct examination or viewing pictures it is not possible to give you good advice. Assuming you're working with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, I would suggest that you follow-up with him/her and communicate your concerns/questions in a calm, nonaccusatory fashion.

Best wishes.

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