How to Lift Brow Minimally?

I am a male in my 30's who is looking into options for a slight brow lift & correction of vertical line between eyebrows. I have tried Botox several times, but it gives no lift at all. One plastic surgeon suggested an endoscpoic brow lift, but his philosophy on positioning of the eyebrow is WAY to high for me; I want more of a "spreading apart" of the eyebrows, and only a lift of maybe 2-3 mm. Is this minimal lift too difficult with the endoscopic procedure? Are there other options?

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Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

At your age, an endo brow lift can achieve the positioning you want. To remove the vertical fron lines, a corragater muscle resection must be done at the same time.Alll the best.

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Can brows be just slightly elevated?

When brows crowd into the upper eyelid region, this can produce an unintentional tired or stern appearance. So when brows need just a bit of support, this subtle improvement can be  very nice.  When neurotoxins  (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) do not achieve this for a patient, then sometimes an injectable filler can create a 3-D improvement of the brow, giving the illusion of lifting. Or in people with pre-existing creases (usually men) then a direct brow lift procedure is an option with the scar hidden in the crease. Otherwise the endoscopically-assisted forehead lift remains the procedure of choice. (Note: there are some advocates for using one of the medical 'heating devices' to try to tighten the brow tissues....)

Donn R. Chatham, MD
Louisville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Endoscopic Browlift

Actually, one of the best features of the endoscopic browlfit, especially in men, is that it separates/lateralizes the eyebrow s beautifully, and the amount of brow elevation is usually a bit less than that obtained with other forms of browlifts  -  and the amount of elevation that you desire can be provided-  a little bit more, a little bit less, to meet your goals.

Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Brow lift in men

There are many brow lift options but whatever you decide, brow lift has to be done very conservatively in men to avoid feminizing appearance. Chemical brow lift, using botulinum toxin, can lift the brow minimally and help with the furrows in between the brows. However, men require larger amount of botulinum toxin to get results as their muscles are stronger. Surgical options for brow lift include direct, midforehead, pretrichial and endoscopic. For men desiring cosmetic brow lift, all are good options except direct brow lift (latter due to scar). The brow lifts can be tailored to the specific anatomy and goal of surgery (minimal or moderate lift). See an oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeon.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Minimal Browlift

An endoscopic brow lift is a good way to achieve subtle raising of the brows.  Particularly if you are male, you do not want feminization of your face by over-raising your eyebrows.  Spreading of the brows is achieved but releasing the muscle that brings them together.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can help you achieve the results you seek.

Kimberly Lee, MD
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Lifting the brow minimally

  I have done a lot of brow lifts and I agree with Dr. Echavez.  There is no reason to look for a different procedure.  certainly, an endoscopic browlift can do what you are asking.  More important, however, is to feel comfortable with your surgeon so he/she understands your concerns and can address them with you so that your plans for the desired outcome match one another.

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Central brow elevation in a man to produce a subtle browlift

The furrows in the central brow come from the glabellar and procerus muscles.

Elevating the brow doesn't reduce the function of these muscles, but can feminize the face considerably (some prominent examples among celebrities)...

There are semi-successful procedures that reduce the bulk of the glabellar musculature, but do produce a flatness in the area and are prone to relapse or asymmetry.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Subtle Browlift for a Man

This is a great question and brings up some important technical points. The effect you want to achieve (subtle central brow elevation, with some separation) can definitely be done through an endoscopic brow lift. The key maneuver for what you want is likely division of the corrugator muscles (these make the inter-brow frown lines and pull the brows down and in). This can also be achieved through an upper eyelid incision, and is an excellent option for patients with excess upper eyelid skin (which can be treated at the same time). You should meet with a handful of surgeons to discuss your goals -- I'm sure you can find the right match.

Evan Ransom, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Minimal brow lift

It is never difficult surgically to raise the brows minimally.  It is more of an issue to raise them significantly.  I think you just need to find a surgeon that is comfortable to you and then just communicate to him or her that you only want the brow raised slightly.  In men, in general, the brows should not be raised too high because it can feminize the face.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Minimal Brow Lift

Yes, the type of brow lift you need is done through the upper eyelid incision.  The frown line muscles are removed and the brow is minimally lifted.

Mark A. Schusterman, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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