Is It Possible to Lift Breast Crease? One Breast Sits Lower then Other.

I am planning breast augmentation with 700cc silicone and a donut lift but i have asymmetric breasts, one is bigger and sits higher and other little bit smaller and its crease is lower on my chest, like half inch lower then other. Is there any way to lift the crease (not the breast)? i dont want to lower other breast that sits higher, because i want both my breasts be higher and symmetric. Nipples are both 24 cm from sternal notch (because bigger/higher breast sags more.

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Crease Adjustment?

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Yes- I change crease position as a routine part of most procedures- sometimes higher and sometimes lower.  Rasisng a crease generally requires placing sutures to hold things where they need to be.  Looking at your photos I'm not sure I would suggest a lift with donut mastopexy as I think it will not provide enough of a lift and there is a high chance that your scars will widen significantly. Just my opinion.  Scott Newman, MD FACS

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