1. Should I Have Had a Lift Before BA? 2. No Research Chose Textured-is This Ok? 3. 5'7, 138 Lbs 250-275 Cc? (photo)

I am 45 years old, mother of three and getting BA this Thu. Chose Textured as a friend told me there was less risk of complications with this, now reading that smooth is better, should I switch. Chose 250, 275 cc under muscle, silicone, mod profile is this a good choice for my body (5'7, 138 lbs)? Should I have had a lift first?

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Lots of Questions

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You have quite a few questions for someone who is going to have surgery in two days. It may just be a case of last minute jitters but if you really have this many questions, you might want to consider postponing your surgery. The one straightforward question is about a breast lift: you don't seem to need it. Most of the other questions depend on your measurements, which we don't have, and what you want. Best to get it all sorted out ahead of time so you don't end up having any regrets.

Should I Have Had a Lift Before BA?

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Looking at your photos I see no reason for a lift. As for textured vs. smooth, you should speak to your plastic surgeon about the risks and benefits of both.  Your plastic surgeon should also be able to assess the size you require - 250-275cc will increase you about 1 cup size - if that is your goal.

Best to reconsult with your surgeon.


Leonard Harris, MD
Burlington Plastic Surgeon

1. Should I Have Had a Lift Before BA? 2. No Research Chose Textured-is This Ok? 3. 5'7, 138 Lbs 250-275 Cc?

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All these questions suggest that you are not ready, or at least your consultation did not answer the questions you have. 

Lift: Although the photo ideally would have both arms at your side, I see no suggestion that you need to be thinking about a lift. 

Textured v. smooth:  Most surgeons prefer smooth implants. The textured ones may have fewer capsular contractures when placed above the muscle, but they are more likely to cause ripples. 

Size: Those sound reasonable to me, but I have not a clue about your goals.

Revisit with your surgeon or with a second opinion consult. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Should I Have Had a Lift Before BA

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Although it is difficult to make a full assessment from the photos alone, it would not appear that you need a lift. Implant size depends on what you are looking at in terms of an augment, however, definitively, your measurements would determine the best implant size and shape. You should consult your PS before your surgery as I am sure he/she would want to ensure your certainty with the procedure. All the best.

No need for the breast lift

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From photographs there is certainly no need for breast lift surgery. Size and projection of the implant is the matter of individual likings beside body physique, so please discuss in detail with your PS  before surgery

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