Should I get a lift? Augmentation? Or both? (photo)

I just finished nursing my 2nd and last child 2 weeks ago. I want a lift but I think maybe they just look saggy because they have lost volume at the top my main concern is getting them lifted but it would be nice to have them fuller like they were before I had kids. my bra size is down 1 cup after breastfeeding . my measurement from my notch of my collarbone to my nipple is 19 inches which is supposedly normal but they still look saggy. how long do I have to wait to do surgery?

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Breast augmentation

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if you are ok with size breast lift will help 

if you want the size to be increased breast implant only without breast lift may help serving both purpose (size and lift )

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After baby breasts...might need a pick-me-up

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Breast feeding does a number on the breasts. Typically, the upper aspect of the breast is deflated. I would suggest a lift with an implant to restore the volume and shape of your breasts to how they were before babies. Good luck.  

Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Thank you for your question and for posting the picture. I feel you may benefit from a lift and a small implant to restore volume. Best to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and make a consultation appointment.

Best wishes,

Dr. Rodgers 

Breast Enhancement Surgery

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I would suggest a lift with a small implant to optimize your breast shape and bring it in balance with the rest of your body. GOOD LUCK

Breast Enhancement

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First off, you don't "need" any surgery. You're breasts are the way they are supposed to be. What we do as cosmetic surgeons is provide procedures that will change the way your breasts look in ways that you will hopefully find pleasing. Augmentation will increase the size of your breasts with the least amount of scarring, but they will still be somewhat droopy. If you are fine with this, there is no reason you "have to" have a lift. A lift would help tighten the skin and shrink the size of you areola but will require more scarring. If this seems like a good tradeoff to you then a lift will be a good idea. You should seek out as many opinions as you need to feel comfortable from board certified plastic surgeons in your area before proceeding with a plan that makes sense to you.


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You may be able to get away with just an augment, but you need to be examined in person to determine this.  Se a BC PS.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Should I get a lift? Augmentation? Or both?

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My over the internet GUESS is a donut lift with 450 cc implant range. But better to obtain more IN PERSON evaluations... 

Breast Augmentation w/ Lift

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Your breasts are in a somewhat “borderline” position when it comes to the necessity for breast lifting. In other words, it is possible that you will get away without a breast lift, depending on your goals. It would be in your best interests to achieve a long-term stable weight (if not there already) prior to undergoing the breast procedure.
I would suggest in person consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons for more precise advice.

Breast augmentation vs. lift

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It's best to have a face to face evaluation with a board certified plastic surgeon, however, most patients will get a very modest lift with an implant which will definitely help with upper pole fullness and certainly helps increase size.  The amount of lift you get from an implant alone, however, is often over estimated!  You will likely need a little lift as well which most plastic surgeons these days will offer at the same time as your augmentation.  You may be a reasonable candidate for a lift with an incision just around the areola but again consultation with a plastic surgeon is the only sure way to get a realistic answer!

Megan Jack, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts Lift with implants

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If you want projection and more distinction, you can go for Breast augmentation along with a lift. But if you are satisfied with the present size, then a lift can be helpful. It can be only confirmed after a proper check up so I would like to advise you to go for a careful consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon.  Any surgical procedure is recommended only after three months of delivery and lactation (breast feeding) should be stopped before three months from the date of surgery to avoid the chances of infection.

R. K. Mishra, MCh, DNB
India Plastic Surgeon

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