Is It Possible to Lift and Shape Very Small Breasts?

I hav implants a 32d. I have a lift on 1 breast result was optima.I would like to explant because I prefer small breasts and do not want future surgeries. would like to know if it is possible to lift and shape a small 32a/b breast? I like the look of naturally small breasts of this size but don't know if it's possible to lift and shape them back up once they have sagged. I have seen an explanted and lifted 34b that I thought was reshaped beautifully by a surgeon but I have not found any smaller.

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Lift and shape small breasts.

If you have very little breast tissue, it may be worth just removing the implants and then staging the lift to see what needs to be done as things settled down.  An exam is essential.

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Lift and shape breast after explantation of breast implants

It is possible to lift and shape almost any breast type, shape and size. It is much more difficult to do so if the breast implants were very large and the breast tissues have stretched significantly. with out implants some techniques help fill the upper pole part of the breasts that become deflated (such as rotating part of the lower breast tissue to the upper pole) but usually the results are not as satisfying as placing implants. The other aspect to consider are the scars placed on the breasts during that type of surgery.


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