Do I Need a Lift and Augmentation or Will Augmentation Suffice? (photo)

I have very asymmetrical breasts that are two different sizes. I also have a high fold on the left side. Two doctors recommended a lift + implants (textured) and two have said the problem can be fixed by implants alone (smooth). I am looking to even my body out and will be staying fairly small, probably a full B/small C. I'm 5'8" and 127 lbs. As the price differential is substantial with the lift, I am looking to make the best decision. I want to look as good and "natural" as possible.

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Breast asymmetry: Implant Alone versus Implant and Lift

Dear agathaou- You really don't have a ptosis problem on either side.  I would agree with your doctors that implants alone should solve your problem.

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Lift and Augmentation or Just Augmentation

    Although an exam is needed, breast augmentation alone with creative pocket dissection is probably your best alternative.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast augmentation Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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From your pictures it looks like you would benefit from just augmentation. It is hard to really give you accurate advice without and exam. You should see a Certified PS to give you your options. Good Luck.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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all breasts have some degree of asymmetry. The percentage however will be less as the size of the breast enlarges with augmentation. You can always have a lift as a second stage procedure if you are unsure about how to proceed.

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Correcting Asymmetric Breasts

Trying to correct differences in breast position when you have infra-mammary folds at different heights is extremely challenging.  Unfortunately, you have to accept some degree of asymmetry but you can still have beautiful, natural results.   By placing carefully selected, different sized implants below the muscle and incorporating the dual-plane technique on the right breast you can get excellent results without a lift!!!


Eric Sadeh, MD
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Breast augmention with asymmetry, implant or lift

Your pictures and profile lead me to believe that smooth round implants of approriately different sizes  alone will give you symmetry and avoid mastopexy scarring.  I always inform patients in advance that a lift later down the line is possible, but your pictures are consistent with an issue solved with implants alone. Good Luck

Neil Gottlieb, MD
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Do I Need a Lift and Augmentation or Will Augmentation Suffice?

In my opinion try the implantation first to see if a larger implants can achieve the result you desire before adding incisions and scars to your breasts. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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To lift or not to lift

The amount of asymmetry that you have can not be corrected with augmentation alone. Don't be confused with the smooth vrs textured implant debate. The type of the implant will not affect ultimate shape of your breasts.  To create a desirable appearance after breast enhancement there must be balance between the implant and the amount of breast tissue and ideally these proportions should be the same or at least close, between the two breasts. As you have a significant discrepancy between the volume of each breast, that balance will be affected.  Although that volume difference could be made up with a larger implant on your left, the shape of the breasts will be different,as will nipple position. 

I would recommend a lift on the right with volume correction and sub muscular placement of smooth silicone implants. 

Good luck with your decision,

Doug Hargrave,M.D.

Douglas Hargrave, MD
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Breast Asymmetry and Implants

You have a complex case.  I do not know your measurements but I would say that implants and possibly a periareolar lift on the right.  Smooth implants beneath the muscle should be fine.

Dr. ES

Augmentation of Asymmetric breasts, lift or no lift


It is sometimes appropriate to answer a question with a question.  Therefore, I have two questions for you.  Are all four of the surgeons that you consulted with board certified plastic surgeons?  If not, you need to see an equal number of board certified plastic surgeons.  Also, there appears to be some scarring on your smaller, higher left breast.  Have you had any surgery performed on that breast?  If so, then it might complicate the discussion significantly.  My short anwer to your question is that you do not need a lift operation, particularly if you are receptive to a full C cup result.  The implant surface really makes little or no difference.  Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS
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