Wonder How Much Projection Is From Lift And My Own Tissue And How Much From Implant? (photo)

Got a lift and 240cc mp. 35.5 bust pre, 37.5" now.  5'1", 110lbs, 25"waist.  32d pre, 36 full d now. Like the way I look naked, not clothed.  Feel large.clothes that fit my top,but not wait making me look fat.wonder how much projection is from lift and my own tissue and how much from implant. Fear if I take them out not much change in projection and I will just lose the perfect shape and upper pole.i know a lift is supposed to make you look like you do on a bra, but is there added projection or only more projection when nude. Do you look fuller in say the same bra as before or the same? I can't tell what's what. Help!!!

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Mastopexy and implants should make the breasts look normal not like they're in a bra.

Your wrong. After mastopexy and breast implants the breasts should hang normally. If you like the way you look nude that's the best the plastic surgeon can do. Perhaps you should experiment with different fashion.

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Small implant and lift

A 240 cc implant would increase your breast size by one cup.  It is likely that your plastic surgeon was trying to achieve some degree of upper pole fullness for you with this lift and augmentation since the implant is relatively small. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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This is a common concern, women are always worried implants will make them look wide or fat. I agree your base width has been widened by your implants. Its all part of the trade offs of the operation unfortunately

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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