I Got a Lift and 210 Implants 8 Weeks Ago. I Want to Go Down to 120cc. Cost $8500?

What are the options generally speaking for a redo?

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Revising from a 210 mL implant to a 120 mL implant doesn't make much sense.

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The change in volume is so modest it certainly doesn't warrant another operation if the first result is aesthetically satisfactory meaning no capsular contracture.

Downsizing implants

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You would be downsizing your implants by 90 cc which is about 1/2 of a cup size or so depending upon your anatomy.  My suggestion would be to wait 3 months before you decide to go smaller.  If you did want to go smaller the patient's cost would be for the implants ,surgical supplies,and OR fees.   This could be done under local anesthesia under the right conditions.   

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