Which lift would add both fullness to my upper lip and to the sagging corners as well? (photo)

I don't like the sagging frown lines. Nor do I like the comparatively thinner top lift. I will probably leave the permalip implants so hopefully it's possible without removing the implants.

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Lip Lift to improve corners of mouth

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The upper lip lift is a great and often overlooked operation when it comes to lip aesthetics. If your upper incisors are hidden by your upper lip when your lips are slightly parted then shortening/lifting the upper lip can nicely correct this and at the same time it will roll the upper lip out and this will create a fuller lip with more pout. The lift effect loses some of its effect as the incision ends out by the ala but usually this area is lifted anyway due to the central lip pull. So although it's likely that the outer upper lip will be lifted some your surgeon won't be able to guarantee that it will be enough for you. If you need further lip lifting towards the corner of the mouth then additional filler may improve that area more. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

Lip lift

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I recommend the standard lip lift procedure that does 3 things. First, it shortens the distance between your nose and upper lip. Second, it rolls out the upper lip creating more fullness. Third, it increases your incisor show. The incision can be designed to take more skin lateral to provide upper pull to the lateral corner of the mouth. This is a simple operation that takes approximately 15 minutes to do in the office under local and costs $2,000.

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