Do Lifestyle Lifts Use the Latest Technology?

Is it safe to have a quick Lifestyle lift procedure?

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Lifestyle Lift Technology Investment

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Lifestyle Lift supports an Innovation Center that constanly evaluates new technology and helps make it available to our physicians. Lifestyle Lift has had over 30 top level engagements with aesthetic medical companies, evaluating technology to insure that when incoproated in our centers, they help achieve optimal outcomes for our patients. Examples of this work include our laser programs, our advanced facial liposuction programs, and our fat transfer programs. Finally, Lifestyle Lift physicians are trained on new technology through programs that many in the industry consider adhering to the highest standards. Once trained, there is an active program of physician engagement through the medical directors to help insure quality and high outcomes.

Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

IsLifestyle lift the latest technology

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From what I know most experts would say no. Lifestyle is a quick skin and muscle tightening . There are techniques that correct so much more and are so much longer lasting. Fat grafting added to facelift has made people look miraculously younger by replacing the descended and lost fat of the face. This is the newest technology and I feel if fat isnt replaced when you get a facelift the result will be substandard.

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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A Lifestyle Lift is a trademark, not a type of technology

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A Lifestyle Lift is a lower third facelift that employs a SMAS plication or imbrication technique the anchor the muscle. This is a very traditional approach. There are a number of suture suspension techniques that are derivatives of SMAS anchoring procedures. These are not, however, what I would refer to as technology. Some surgeons will incorporate laser assisted lipocontouring of the neck (Smart Lipo) as a supplement with the intention of providing addtional tightening of the skin although this is a point of controversy among many surgeons.

It is never a good idea to decide on a facial cosmetic procedure based on how quick it can be done. I would look for a qualified, experienced surgeon who can provide you with an excellent experience and long term results, regardless of how long it takes.

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

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