Lifestyle Lift Recovery Time?

I am 58 and thinking about going to Lifestyle for the lift around the eye area and neck. However, I'm having inhibitions as I'm scared to death after reading reviews. How long is the recovery for something like that? I need more information so I can decide. Thank you.

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Lifestyle recovery time

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You have read the reviews of patients complaining long after the surgery is over. It should recover faster because it is a very abbreviated operation but in many cases it doesnt. See my video and decide

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Why can't the Lifestyle Lift people provide the answers to your questions?

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I am puzzled by the LL. From the commercials that I have seen, they claim to have excellent patient support and customer service. Yet there are many people who seem to have unaswered questions or complaints. If the network is as large and the procedure is as popular as they claim it to be, why can't they answer these to the patient's satisfaction?

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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