LifeStyle Lift w/ Double Board-Certified Physician

I had scheduled a LifeStyle Lift for July 11, 2011, before reading about the apparent dangers of the procedure on the web. I must say though, that I was seen by the physician that will perform my surgery double board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Otolaryngology, at the consultation - and he's answered all my questions when I've called. My pre & post op info is HUGE! He will perform a LSL, liposculpting, & a platysmaplasty. Red Flags?

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Lifestyle lift with double board certified surgeon

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I teach an advanced aesthetic surgery post graduate fellowship for plastic surgeons and ent's. Many are double board certified  and from Harvard and are phi beta kappa  and couldnt do a facelift to save their lives when they start with me. Experience in surgery is the only teacher, Dont think the credentials guarantee the surgery. The Lifestyle lift is a limited fast perform procedure and is only done one way. If it fits you you'll get a good result

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Lifestyle Lift physician

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It is possible to have a good experience with a LSL surgeon. There are many well trained surgeons in their company.  It sounds like he has been responsive and attentive to your concerns. It is very possible that you have aging indications that would respond well to a LSL and you surgeon has educated you properly on what to expect from a LSL. If this is the case, you trust your surgeon, he has thoroughly educated you, and you have realistic expectations, then I would move forward. Good luck!

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

LifeStyle Lift w/ Double Board-Certified Physician

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The Lifestyle Lift organization is very committed to helping you achieve the best results with your surgery. The Lifestyle Lift organization's current practices and model are one example of how groups today apply various principals to help patients feel comfortable with a physician's certifications. For example Lifestyle Lift is very focused on the ABMS specialties of ENT/Head and Neck/Facial Plastic Surgery, and Plastic Surgery. Lifestyle Lift physicians are first selected based on not just these certifcations, but also extensive checks to insure their training and practice histories reflect standards every patient would expect. Once selected, physcians often go through mentorship programs, headed by the companys medical directors. Once in practice, physicians must maintain certain standards of patient care and outcomes, assessed through random patient surveys distributed by a non-biased third party. Physicians are also given access to extensive online educational resources, including easy access to colleagues who have some of the largest facial aesthetic case logs in the United States. From there, Lifestyle Lift engages the aesthetic academies and industry to find best practices and new technologies culiminating in the funding of an Innovation Center. When such new practices or technologies are identified, Lifestyle Lift has an extensive program to train physicians on these practices and technologies.


I agree with Dr. Ellenbogen's point in this question when he states "Experience in surgery is the only teacher". The reality is that volume matters in getting experience. Lifestyle Lift physicians average some of the highest annual case numbers in the field year over year.


Farhan Taghizadeh, MD
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

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