Tongue Interfering with Lifestyle Lift Results?

I was told by the surgeon who did my Lifestyle Lift that he was doing a platysmaplasty. When I asked if he did, he said no. When I asked in person, he said he did a partial one. My neck looks loose and he said that's because the area of my tongue at the back of my throat is too large to create a tight neck. No one else seems to be getting this information about the tongue interfering in a good result. Any opinions?

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Tongue and facelift results

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I'm not sure why your surgeon would say this. The base of your tongue is related to the back of your throat. If you have swelling of your tongue base it can cause difficulty breathing and swallowing, it should have no bearing on the ability to tighten your platysma muscle. 

As was mentioned by the surgeon below, there are many anatomical features that can inhibit the creation of a sharp neck and jawline, a large tongue would not be one of them. I would seek a second opinion.

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Large tongue causing a full neck?

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There are several other options that may interfere with obtaining a sharp neck angle such as a subcutaneous fat, lax platysma, sub-platysma fat, anteriorly located hyoid bone, small chin, prominent submandibular glands, etc.

However, large tongue base is not a commonly identified problem. This may be the case but typically a large tonge (macroglossia) obstructs the oral/nasal cavity or falls into the back of the throat: (glossoptosis).

You may want to obatin a second opinion to make sure your large tongue is not a sign of some other problem.

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