Will Lifestyle Lift Aggravate my Neuralgia?

I am concerned about having the Lifestyle lift. I have a conditon called neuralgia. It affects the nerves on the left side of my face. WIll having this procedure aggravate it?

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Does lifestyle lift irritate neuralgia

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A surgical procedure in the area of the trigiminal nerve may make neualgia worse or have no effect.I consulted a neuologist on this question and he feels most neuralgia although felt in this area is from the nerve exiting from the brain and surrounding tissues. So probably no effect.


Lifestyle lift and pre-existing neuralgia (nerve pain of face)

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An yprocedure which injures the skin has the potential to aggravate or exacerbate your conditon of neuralgia. I would discuss this with your surgeon. Proceed with caution.

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