Lumps After Lifestyle Lift

Almost 3 months after my Lifestyle lift, I have developed unsightly lumps on both sides of my face. Will these things go away in time? My doctor insists that they will; is it too late for cortisone shot? I have heard that they can help. Thank you.

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Only your surgeon knows the cause of your lumps after the liftestyle lift

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Your physician is the only person that knows what is causing the lumps: scar, fat, SMAS, stitches, etc.

Only they know what is the cause and what is the treatment. Trust the surgeon you choose to do your surgery.

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Lumps after lifestlye lift

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Without pictures it is difficult to determine what these lumps are. They could be uneven deposits of fat, they could be undissolved sutures, they could be portions of the smas folded over. Steroid injections can decrease inflammation however, without seeing the actual lumps it is difficult to determine if this is appropriate for you. I would follow up with your surgeon and if not satisfied I would get a second opinion from an experienced and qualified surgeon.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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