Is Lifestyle Lift Generally a Good Procedure?

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No printed manuals/techniques widely available for methods used in a Lifestyle Lift

It is hard to evaulate a procedure that has not been described. Perhaps there is a secret manual that is provided to lifestyle lift surgeons but this is not widely available for general review. That makes it hard for anyone to judge its effectiveness. Other techniques such as the SMAS lift, deep plane face lift, composite lift, or MACS lift have accurate descriptions which allow the procedures to be performed on a repeated basis using a series of standard steps. This is not true for a lifestyle lift.

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LifeStyle Lift

Yes and No.

Its not the Life Style lift itself which is a good or not so good procedure BUT the person performing it. If you have a good surgeon, it can be a gratifying procedure but in wrong hands it can turn out to be a disaster. So, choose your surgeon wisely and don't look for just the name LifeStyle Lift but a good facelift surgeon.


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