Are Most Lifestyle Lift Doctors DOs and Not MDs?

Also they are mostly Ear, Nose & Throat doctors, and not one of them has impressive credentials. Can Lifestyle Lift still call them "Plastic Surgeons"?

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Lifestyle Lift Doctors, Board Specialties

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The issue of Board Specialization and Plastic Surgery has gained alot of media attention of late (CNN July 25,2012 Anthony Youn: Plastic surgery: The 'Wild West' of medicine)  , especially as various groups inside and outside aesthetic medicine work to find the best ways to help patients identify qualified practitioners. The issue of Board Certification in this industry remains very actively discussed, and at times hotly debated.


The Lifestyle Lift organization's current practices and model are one example of how groups today apply various principals to help patients feel comfortable with a physician's certifications. For example Lifestyle Lift is very focused on the ABMS specialties of ENT/Head and Neck/Facial Plastic Surgery, and Plastic Surgery. Lifestyle Lift physicians are first selected based on not just these certifcations, but also extensive checks to insure their training and practice histories reflect standards every patient would expect. Once selected, physcians often go through mentorship programs, headed by the companys medical directors. Once in practice, physicians must maintain certain standards of patient care and outcomes, assessed through random patient surveys distributed by a non-biased third party. Physicians are also given access to extensive online educational resources, including easy access to colleagues who have some of the largest facial aesthetic case logs in the United States. From there, Lifestyle Lift engages the aesthetic academies and industry to find best practices and new technologies culiminating in the funding of an Innovation Center. When such new practices or technologies are identified, Lifestyle Lift has an extensive program to train physicians on these practices and technologies.


In summary, Lifestyle Lift does alot of the hard work for patients in terms of helping you find a doctor that is best for you.

Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

Credentials of Lifestyle lift doctors

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Most are ent's or other specialists. Almost none have impressive credentials. They are there to make money as quick as possible. Almost none of them can get facelift hospital priveleges. If they were so good they would not work for Lifestyle but have a booming private practice.They can't because they only are equipped with one operation


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As you have surmised Lifestyle Lift is a franchise product. The doctors who offer it are simply contractors and they can be of any specialty. Be wary of what you are told by advertisements. Most good plastic surgeons steer clear of marketing gimmicks as we feel it is below us. When you go for a Lifestyle lift what you get may very substantially.



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John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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