Is Having Lifestyle Lift a Good Choice?

I Am Considering a Lifestyle Lift by a Board Certified Dr.  Is This a Good Choice?  

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Is Having Lifestyle Lift a Good Choice?

An individual's choice in a suregon is incredibly personal, and many factors play into which physician might be best for you. In my personal opinion,  your personal rapport with a surgeon and your ability to communicate with him or her is the most important factor in the decision making process. Yes, board certification matters. Yes, reputation matters. Yes, volume and experience matter. But like most things in life, it is the intagibles that ultimately guide people toward their decision.

Lifestyle Lift puts forward alot of effort to gauge customer satisfaction and insure quality. For example., Lifestyle Lift physicians are unique in that their patients are randomly surveyed on a host of satisfaction factors. This work is done independently, scientifically, and the data presented transparently to physicians. This data helps guide many decisions that are made in terms of helping physicians work to constantly improve their entire skill set.  The reality is that costumer satisfaction for the Lifestyle Lift, when done using metrics that are more scientific than sites that allow for "free expression" is much higher than the percentages that are quoted on this site and others. While sites that garner free patient expression are certainly helpful in letting health consumers express their thoughts and opinions, the reality is that such data is highly anecdotal and non-scientific.

To this end, I have offered this site full access to my personal costumer satisfaction data that is collected through methods that insure random patient selection, third party surveying, and scientific methods of statisitical calculation and reporting.  At this time they have told me there is no way to link this data into the profile, but I am hopeful one day sites like this can incorporate such data.

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Am i making a good decision a board certified surgeon for life style lift

Lifestyle lift is a trademarked procedure with the same maneuvers with each. If you fit their pattern and the surgeon does a good job you chose well. However if the cookie cutter operation done quickly doesn't fit your anatomy you're going to need a revision Also the greatest advance in facelift is fat grafting and Lifestyle lift doesnt do that.

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
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? Lifestyle Lift

Your best option might be to find a board-certified PLASTIC SURGEON experienced in facial  rejuvenation  who you trust and have developed a good rapport with.  The actual name of the procedure or marketing is of much less importance.

Stephen Delia, MD
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Is Having Lifestyle Lift a Good Choice?

It is a personal decision. But here on REALSELF only 50% are happy  with LSL vs 70% are with a true mini facelift. This says volumes. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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