Is Blood Work Done for Lifestyle Lift?

Before any surgical procedure, blood work is done to make sure patient is okay for surgery. Are these precautions done for Lifestyle Lift?

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Teating for Lifestyle Lift

Generally this depends on your medical history, age as well as potential anesthetic techniques. The vast majority of patients will have their surgery under local anesthesia and it is my impression that most do not require testing. However, for example, if you have a history bleeding than other tests may be requested.

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Read This First

I think this internet radio program on Voice of America is quite informative about Lifestyle Lift.  I am not sure what the blood work protocols are or if they exist.  See the link below.

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Blood work for Lifestyle lift

If surgery is being performed in an operating room under general or moderate sedation then blood work is usually performed. The extent of blood work depends on the patient's age and usually follows hospital recommendations Most surgeons recommend a hemoglobin/hematocrit test ,anemia test,as a minimum .If surgery is being performed under local anesthesia there may br no need for any blood work but this is up to your surgeon.

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Is blood work done for a Lifestyle Lift?

I am not sure if LL does blood work as a routine or not. There are several factors that go into the preoperative work up for a patient. Age is a factor. Generally speaking, for my practice, if a patient is 55 or older I will order blood work and request medical clearance from the patient's primary care physician.

If the patient has any other medical conditions such as hypertension or diabetes it is important to check blood work.

It the procedure is going to be done under general anesthetic checking blood work is routine in most surgery centers. If the procedure is going to be done under local anesthetic labs may not be required. If you have a history of bleeding problems it is also important to check blood work.

It is always better to be cautious. If you surgeon requests labs it is very beneficial to be cooperative. Every little step that can be taken to put you in the best position to heal and have a good outcome helps.

Good Luck!

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