Face Extremely Swollen After Lifestyle Lift

I had a lifestle lift 4 days ago.My face is as swollen as watermelon. Is this normal? Could it be an adverse reaction to a medication ? How can I reduce the swelling?

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Extreme swelling after lifestyle lift could be blood accumulation

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Swelling is normal afer facelifts but watermelon size is a red light. See your doctor at lifestyle lift. He wil evaluate if this needs aspiration or is normalpostoperative swelling

Swelling after a lifestyle lift 4 days later

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This can be normal. But watermelon size seems extreme. I would definitely consult with your physician at lifestyle and see if there is anything that could be done. Oral steroids, pressure dressings, taping in a judicious way are all options. You might also have a fluid collection that could be improved with aspiration, etc.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Facial swelling

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While some post-op swelling is normal after any type of facelift,  swelling like a watermelon is not!  You shoudl speak with your doctor and get evaluated.

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Swollen after LS lift - could be a hematoma

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Dramatic swelling after a LS lift, or any other facelift, needs to be evaluated by your doctor immediately for the possibility of a hematoma.  This is an emergency thing because if there is blood under the skin stretching it out, the blood supply to the skin can be compromised and cause skin death and bad scars. Evacuating the blood asap can potentially reverse these dangers.

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