Lumps formed 3months after Lower Lid Surgery

I had lower lid surgery done, I wasn't pleased so my PS did it 3months later. After I began to heal I formed 2 lumps under one eye, which I was told it would go away in 2weeks. It's 3years later. If I rub or scratch my eye or even wash makeup off too hard, where the incisions is swells up. Like a bubble, goes down in hours or sometimes looks as if someone sucker punched me, there is no pain. Why is this happening and can this be fixed. I have many pics.Please help me on what can be done.

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Lumps after eyelid surgery

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Your case is not the usual. It could be due to a reaction to a suture that acts as an irritant. It could also be due to some infection by a non-bacteria organism like mycobacteria. A simple review of the operative report will tell you if a suture is involved. An atypical infection would need to be evaluated by an infectious disease specialist in order to find the most appropriate treatment. That treatment would not be more surgery.

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