Licensed Injectable Fillers and Botox in USA?

What are the products licensed as Injectable fillers and Botox in USA? I believe there are only five products approved by the FDA for use and I would like to make sure I get one of those as I am contemplating having this work carried out. Many thanks.

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FDA Approved Fillers and Botox

There are quite a few FDA approved fillers.

However there are only two forms of botulinum toxin type A that are currently approved, Botox and Dysport. Both are good.

The fillers are very different from each other. Being FDA approved does not mean that a filler is approved to be used for facial augmentation. Physicians use these products for off label use all the time. Off label means that the product has been approved for use in one area of the body or face and the physician in his/her own judgement uses it for another location on the body or face. This is completely leigitimate.

With all this confusion here are my favorites that I use in my practice.





I do not have the need for any other filler as these can achieve the aesthetic goals of my patients very effectively and safely.


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There are many fillers available and Botox and DysportHY

There are many fillers FDA approved in the United States, and the list is growing.

Currently the most commonly used fillers are derivatives of Hyaluronic Acid(HA).

Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus as well as Restylane are in the HA family and are the most commonly used. There are other HA's including Prevelle Silk and recently approved Hydrelle.

Collagen based fillers include Evolence.

I would recommend finding a provider in your area and going in for a consultation. Your plastic surgeon or dermatologist will discuss the options and trade offs with you based on your particular needs and anatomy.

It is much more important to find a provider that is an expert injector and allow him/her to assist you in the decision-making. The provider choice is likely much more important than the filler.

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